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MX Player is a video player app with enhanced gesture controls. You can use specific gestures to change the position, brightness or volume without pushing a button. There are also enhanced subtitle controls with gestures, colors and font customization. This features a kids lock to keep children from closing this app and opening other ones.

Main Features

MX Player is an app that plays most video formats and has unique gesture controls. For example, you can change the volume by sliding your finger up or down along the right side of the screen, or you can change the brightness with a slider to the left. You can pinch and zoom to see specific areas more clearly, or you can even pan the angle to the left or right.

There are also gesture controls for subtitles. You can move the subtitles up or down, track forwards or backwards through the subtitles or change their size just with your fingers.

Subtitle Controls

You can customize the subtitles even further by going through the settings. You can change the subtitle's font, color, position and more. Not only that, but the settings are easy to understand and change. This is meant to be highly accessible for most users.

Kids Lock

If you commonly give your children your device, then you may want to use the kids lock feature. This ensures that they cannot close the app or open other files. You can unlock this feature with a password. You can keep your kids safe as they watch videos on your phone or tablet.


  • Has superior gesture controls.
  • You can change subtitles by giving them different colors, font, sizing, position and more.
  • The kids lock keeps your children safe.


  • If you don't use gesture controls, then this is identical to your native video player.