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Wickr Me is a messaging app to use on your smartphone.

With the Wickr Me app, you can send private messages and voice memos and make voice calls to your friends, family and others.

This app gives you the ability to send one-on-one messages as well as group messages. You also can send pictures, videos and other files. The big benefit to using the Wickr Me app is that everything is encrypted at a high level, giving you a level of security and privacy that you don't get from regular texting.

Not only can you be confident that your messages and images are safe from prying eyes, you get privacy protection in other ways as well. You do not have to register a phone number or email to use the Wickr Me app, and it does store any metadata from your communications. You also have full control over your content and how long it remains accessible to others.

If you want a free, secure messaging app, then download Wickr Me to your Android phone today.