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Xender is a file management utility that enables users to send files back and forth from their mobile device to a general purpose computer. It works with both the PC and Macintosh platforms, which ensures that users will be able to sync all their photos and video with their laptop.

Since Xender bypasses the conventional way of transferring files, it can usually get around limitations set by a phone or tablet's system software. The app can transfer files regardless of how big they are and it doesn't matter whether or not the machine receiving them has a way to open them. The app simply treats each file as a stream of bits with a wrapper surrounding them.

This is especially useful for people transferring archives or APK packages back and forth between a mobile device. Xender won't split apart JAR or ZIP files, so you can send them as whole archives and then install them onto your phone once the transfer is complete.

Best of all, Xender doesn't tamper with encryption protocols. If you send files over that are encrypted, then they'll remain as such. In most cases, transferring a file with the app will take much less than time than trying to do so with your phone's onboard transfer tools.