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Critical Ops is a team-based first person shooter where you battle opposing teams. There are several different game modes along with a variety of weapons to choose from. This game uses 3D graphics and you can customize your weapons. While most rooms are public, you can create a password-protected private room for you and your friends.

Main Features

Critical Ops is a first person shooter where two teams battle it out. Most of the game modes just have the two teams fighting to prove who is the best. Team Deathmatch is a points-based battle where you must defeat the other team. There's also Gun Game. This is similar to Team Deathmatch, but each individual player gains points that allows them to unlock new weapons.

The only mode where each team has different goals is Defuse. One team sets a bomb and defends it while another team is trying to reach the bomb to defuse it. This is a time-based mode where you only have a limited amount of time until the bomb blows up.

Private Rooms

You can join one of the many public rooms and be paired with random people. This ensures that you can always find someone to play with, but it also means that you may never find your friends while playing.

If you only want to play with specific people, then you can create a private room. These rooms are protected by a password. This ensures that only those who know the password can join.


  • Team-based game where you can play with many people.
  • You get many weapons that you can customize.
  • Private rooms ensure that you only play with your friends.


  • Some of the game modes are very similar with only minor alterations.