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Microsoft Teams integrates chat, meetings, and saved content under one roof. The team's mobile app is especially useful for remote work because no matter where you are, you can still stay on top of your most important scheduled meetings and other important events. Working from the left side to the right side, the first thing that draws the user's attention is the Activity pivot. This is like dashboard that provides updates on your life like the news keeps up with the weather. You don't have to worry about forgetting that meeting you scheduled a few months ago and you stay on top of replying to messages you received recently in a timely manner. One very useful feature is the filter option which allows you to only see what's deserves the most attention. Head over to one of your contacts and quickly open up a conversation through text or video. Hit the top right button to add more people to the conversation. Go into the Teams tab and watch the app deliver on it's intended purpose. Within the team are individual channels. If you work with multiple parties on a project basis, it's highly recommended that you give each channel its own set of roles.