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Opera Mini is a mobile browser that prioritizes performance and simplicity. It's best described as a shrunken down version of the full Opera browser. Unsurprisingly, the browser is optimized for Android devices and touchscreens. All the typical mobile browser features come standard here, including bookmarks and a data saver. Millions of people use Opera Mini, but is the browser worth using on a daily basis?

A Feature-Rich Mobile Browser That Offers Excellent Performance All Day

After launching Opera Mini, a simple welcome screen greets users. The screen contains links to bookmarks and favorites. Users can navigate to their favorite websites and shouldn't experience any issues. In fact, Opera Mini is designed to load websites in seconds and block ads by default. This particular mobile browser comes with countless features without weighing down the experience or introducing bloat.

Should You Download and Use Opera Mini?

In the end, Opera Mini occasionally suffers from compatibility issues with certain websites. Most users won't encounter these problems. They'll instead experience an incredible mobile browser that exceeds expectations. Opera Mini is lighter on the backend than Google Chrome, which leads to improved performance. Without a doubt, users shouldn't hesitate to check this alternative browser out.