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Zoom Cloud Meetings is an app that allows you to video chat online with up to 100 participants. Users can easily control whether their camera and mic are on during the meeting, and hosts have many tools to moderate the room. Creating a room is easy and only takes a few seconds.

Main Features

Zoom's main feature is that it allows users to meet online and video chat. This can be done from any device as long as it has a stable Internet connection. You can use this with either a cellular connection or WiFi. Users can then interact with each other in the digital meeting room.

Users have multiple ways of communicating. The easiest way is to keep your camera and mic on. This allows others to see you as you're talking. You can easily turn off your camera and mic. You can also type messages in the chat. These messages can be directed towards the whole group or privately to a specific person.

Screen Sharing

Zoom is commonly used for online classrooms and professional meetings. Screen sharing is a useful tool as it allows someone to show a presentation, document or any other vital file that others should see. Depending on how the room is created, this can either be done by just the host or any other user.

Room Creation

Hosts can easily create the room based on different parameters. For example, the room can have a certain time limit. You can also set it as a one-time or recurring meeting. Hosts can determine how much power regular users have when creating the room.


  • Allows up to 100 people to video chat simultaneously.
  • Creating rooms is simple and you can customize the parameters.
  • Users can share their screen for presentations.


  • The paid version of Zoom gives you more power, but it can be very expensive.