by Lowtech Studios
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The app represents a highly sophisticated implementation of what has been traditionally called a snake game. Unlike most other implementations, though, allows users to play against other people online to see if they can become the longest slithering snake around.

When you eat an object in the game, your snake becomes slightly longer. If you ever touch your tail, then you'll explode. In the multiplayer version, you'll have an opportunity to make other players run into your own tail. While this won't hurt your snake, it will cause them to shatter. This means even the smallest snakes could theoretically win if they make everyone else in the game run into them.

This adds a sort of light-cycle functionality to the game that makes it very original in spite of the fact that the basic concept has been around for years. A number of customization options give you the freedom to set the initial length of every snake as well as the size and shape of the playing field that your slithering serpents will duke it out in.

Best of all, it takes full advantage of hardware acceleration to give you some pretty nice rendered graphics that you wouldn't normally see in a snake-type game.