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Enhance your smart television and peripheral devices using the entertainment platform Aptoide TV. The program retains a rather large database of apps that build on top of adjacent technology that plugs into the television's USB ports. Aesthetically, it looks familiar, yet has a quality of it's own. The user's attention is drawn to the simply constructed row design which makes content easy to locate. There's also a store formatted with a search feature where you can lookup available apps to add to your library. You can also find apps by going down to the Category section and choosing 'Entertainment' for instance which brings up a whole slew of movie, show, and live T.V. apps. Aptoide TV isn't just a place to retrieve some of the most popular forms of content online; it's a community-driven social experience, offering developers the chance to have their apps seen and heard by members who also enjoy using Aptoide TV. In other words, it's open source and independent.