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by Last Project Games
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Baldis' Basics in Education and Learning is a first-person survival horror game that's disguised as an educational program. It's designed to look like the kind of edutainment titles that became popular in schools in the early 1990s. In order to keep up the deception, all of the graphical assess in the game are designed to look like they were rendered with 16-bit engines.

At first, players might be fooled into thinking that they're actually playing a real educational game that's supposed to teach basic school subjects. Some might even close the apps, since they'll believe that it's well below their level. That's a mistake, however, because an evil teacher would soon be chasing them through the hallways of a demented school that looks like it could be on a classic console.

Technically, Baldi's is more like a demo than a completed game and most players won't be able to enjoy it for very long. That being said, it has a twisted sense of humor that should certainly be good for a few laughs. Players are tasked with the goal of finding seven special notebooks and escaping from the school before they're caught by the evil teacher. This challenge alone should be worth the download.