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by JoyOfGames
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Gmod Prop Hunt lets you play the classic game of hide-and-seek with a twist.

The first time you play Gmod Prop Hunt, you'll start as a prop or a hunter. Prop players start in the game as a piece of furniture that can look like anything else that could have already been in your surroundings. Your goal is to go around and hide in a place where you think nobody will suspect that you're a prop player instead of just another naturally placed prop.

For hunters, your goal is to take out as many prop players as you can. You'll be given a gun with limited ammo to do so which means you're going to have to ensure that you aren't shooting everything, causing you to run out of ammo.

In all, Gmod Prop Hunt is a fun twist on hide-and-seek that's worth it if you're looking to play with random people or just your friends.