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by Aldous Glenn
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Raft tasks you surviving out in the middle of the ocean with your friends or by yourself.

When you start Raft, you're only given a small plastic raft with a hook. You'll have to stay alive by fishing for supplies that can make your raft larger while trying to find food as well. As you progress, you'll not only have to worry about weather hazards but various sea creatures that can kill you.

As you progress, you'll find out that the world of Raft is much more diverse than just the ocean. You'll find empty islands that could contain treasure that can help you build your raft even more. The game still even has some surprises up its sleeves like civilizations that are actually filled with people.

In all, Raft is a unique survival game that's worth playing if you're just trying to pass time by yourself or you want something to play with your friends.