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UC Browser is a mobile browser that features fast technology. This browser uses enhanced compression to quickly load websites. There are even specific modes for Facebook and videos that give you even faster speeds. UC Browser also features games that users can play to win prizes.

Main Features

UC Browser is an app that specializes in fast browsing. This is accomplished by using enhanced compression features that make it easier to load website files. For example, it will usually load the most essential files first so that the website immediately opens. It will then load other files, such as images, as you remain on the page. This ensures that you can access websites faster than ever.

This also works with downloads. UC Browser optimizes downloads so that they are incredibly stable and go as quickly as possible. If you are tired of downloads failing halfway through, then you will love their smart downloading feature.

Specific Modes

The default mode is fast enough for most users, but there are other modes that speed up certain activities. For example, there is a Facebook mode that makes Facebook load even faster. There's also a mode for watching videos, playing games and more.


UC Browser features a daily quiz that citizens in India and Indonesia can play to win money and prizes. Every eligible user is able to play simultaneously and the top player gets the most money. The quiz features 12 questions that you must answer correctly while trying to be faster than the other users.


  • Uses compression technology to make websites load faster.
  • Has several modes that make browsing even faster.
  • There is a daily quiz that eligible users can play to win money and prizes.


  • This browser requires more space and RAM than most other browsers.