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Explore, build and improve with Terraria, a 2D platformer with gorgeous pixel graphics and an addictive core gameplay loop. You start off with basic tools and no resources, forcing you to craft armor, tools and a house where you can rest and upgrade your equipment. Eventually, you'll be covered in epic gear that lets you dig deep into the earth and fight terrifying bosses.

You can put your creativity to work in Terraria. Many players choose to focus on building epic fortresses because the game puts almost no limits on your ability to build. As long as you can find the resources you need, you can create rooms, furniture, traps, sculptures and more. You can even build rooms for NPCs to live in, which gives you access to healing, trading and training.

Terraria is not gory or scary, so gamers of all ages can enjoy exploring the gameworld. While your character can die, you'll respawn right away at your in-game house, minus any gear you were carrying.

Some gamers spend thousands of hours exploring and building in Terraria. The game has no quest system or storyline, so you're only limited by your creativity and drive to explore.