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Gameloop is a game launcher that provides access to scavenger hunt titles. All of these titles are built using the CF Studios Gameloop engine. Fortunately, a large variety of games are available, and quite a bit of variety is available. Casual players like such games because they're quick and simple to partake in. A given person doesn't need to invest much time to complete the average scavenger hunt title after all.

A Simple Launcher That Provides Access To Scavenger Hunts

Upon installing the app, users need to create an account to access the launcher. Gameloop features a basic interface and a somewhat lackluster design. Individual players need to enter a Game ID and Password to access a particular game. Unfortunately, the app lacks a centralized hub listing out available scavenger hunt games. An individual must instead find the access information from forums and other decentralized locations.

The Final Verdict On The Gameloop App

Gameloop should be considered a niche gaming app to most people. Scavenger hunt games feature a relatively small audience of players aside from major titles. For that reason, better alternatives might be available to potential players. The Gameloop app runs as expected and doesn't come with many bugs or glitches. Quality varies widely from game to game, so potential players should keep that in mind.