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Puffin is a secure web browser that's designed with speed in mind. By shifting the workload away from your phone or tablet, Puffin is able to resolve sites much faster than a built-in browser ever could. It tunnels all of its information through a remote cloud server, which means that even the most resource-demanding pages will resolve relatively quickly on limited hardware.

Those who have more sophisticated mobile devices will find that Puffin runs even that much faster on their hardware. As a result, it's become a popular option for those who need a browser that can mimic hardware acceleration even when their phone's system software lacks drivers for it.

All traffic that moves between Puffin's own cloud server is encrypted and protected from monkey in the middle attacks, which have plagued desktop browsers in recent years. That means its safe to use public WiFi connections through Puffin even if they're not secured with a local boxed firewall. Best of all, this traffic is also compressed so some sites may take around 90 percent less bandwidth than the might otherwise take.

While streaming video will always take more bandwidth than other web browsing chores, Puffin should be able to cut down on the amount of mobile data you use.