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Pokémon Masters EX is a unique strategy game that lets you build teams of three Pokémon to battle against other trainers who are trying to make their way through a competitive tournament.

If you are a fan of the Pokémon universe and have been looking for a new twist on this franchise, then you might want to take a closer look at Pokémon Masters EX. This game pits you against other trainers in three-on-three battles as you make your way up the leaderboard in a grueling tournament. While the initial gameplay can be slow and there is a steep learning curve, this is still going to be an excellent addition to your app library if you enjoy Pokémon.

This game has collected creatures and characters from many of the previous Pokémon titles, and you are going to see a few familiar faces as you put together your team. Instead of capturing Pokémon, you collect eggs that must be hatched. After the egg hatches, you can then add that Pokémon to your team. Setting up the right combination of creatures is one of the most strategic elements in this game, and it sets Pokémon Masters EX apart from all other Pokémon titles.