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Jailbreak (Cydia) lets you get the experience of jailbreaking an iOS device without actually having one.

Many people have jailbroken their iOS devices in the past as it lets them get applications you can't on the traditional app store. An example of this is the Cydia application that lets you download other delisted applications like Flappy Bird.

With Jailbreak (Cydia), you're given a recreation of Cydia with many of the delisted applications that don't show up on the Apple app store or the Google Play Store. Cydia in Android even features the same font as iOS to make you feel like you're using an iOS device.

In all, Jailbreak (Cydia) is a fun way to get applications on your phone that you couldn't with a traditional app store. The only downside to this is that you're not actually jailbreaking or even rooting your phone.