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Messenger Lite is a compact app that allows you to message people for free. This connects with Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Lite simultaneously. You can also make calls and share files with other users.

Main Features

Messenger Lite is a compact app that only requires 10MB of space on your device. This means that you should have no problem installing it. You can use this with almost any connection speed since it requires little data. You'll have no problem communicating with other users that have Messenger, Facebook or Facebook Lite.

While text messages are most common here,you can also call other people for real discussions. This can be done with either a WiFi or cellular connection.


You can decide whether you want to talk one-on-one or invite other friends into the discussion. Messenger Lite allows you to make large chatrooms where many people can interact together.


  • This tiny app requires very little space.
  • Allows you to talk to Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Lite users at the same time.
  • Talk one-on-one or make groups.


  • Some features are missing to make this app more compact.