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SmartGlass is a companion app to the Xbox One, and it allows you to save video clips, initiate downloads for new games, chat with friends, and check up on the latest Microsoft news.

If you have been looking for a way to jump deeper into the world of Xbox One, then you might want to add SmartGlass to your app library. That app was designed for gaming enthusiasts who want to enhance their experience with the Xbox One platform, and it is free to download and use. Your SmartGlass app will allow you to share clips with friends, chat, buy games, and initiate downloads.

In addition to all of the social features, SmartGlass can also provide second-screen functionality with some games. When you are on your Xbox One playing certain games, you can open up SmartGlass and set your mobile device right next to you. The app might allow you to chat with some of your teammates, glance at the scores, or even double-check the gameworld map. While that second screen feature hasn’t been introduced to every game, this is still a powerful app with a wide variety of amazing tools and functions.