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by Moonton
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Mobile Legends isn't just proof that a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) can work on mobile devices - it's proof that mobile games can be viable contributions to the esports community. Mobile Legends tournaments are a big deal throughout Southeast Asia - but the level of core complexity goes beyond what you'd expect from a mobile game and can provide a deeper and more nuanced experience even for those who aren't willing to spend a penny.

The fundamentals here are strong though comfortably in line with the expectations of a modern MOBA. Six different character roles provide balance and variety while also forcing the five players on each team to work cooperatively. New players will benefit from the fact that Mobile Legends has been out for years, as there are now over a hundred characters with a growing roster. For those new to the MOBA genre, it plays like a mix of an action RPG and a real-time strategy game.

The vast amount of characters means that there's a high skill ceiling even for those who don't want to play at a professional level, but there are a decent variety of game modes to play through as well. Survival is the core of the experience and serves as a traditional MOBA - with players battling AI and player-controlled opponents to gather experience and buy equipment before assaulting the enemy base head-on. But the inclusion of both tower defense and auto-battler modes means that you can always get a change of pace when you get tired of a particular style.


  • Dozens of characters to play as
  • Fully developed MOBA mechanics
  • Three unique game modes


  • Requires real purchases to be competitive
  • Character effectiveness can be lopsided