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Minecraft Earth brings the popular crafting and survival game into the real world. In this augmented reality game, players can play Minecraft like never before. The game remains in Early Access at the moment but plays quite well. Players can take Minecraft to any location in the world and play the game. Multiplayer features are included in the game, which is quite impressive for an augmented reality title.

A Quick Minecraft Earth Review

Players start the app and launch straight into an AR experience. The device's camera activates and displays a Minecraft UI over the real world. From there, players can choose their items and blocks of choice to start building. Enemy mobs spawn into the world and provide a dangerous challenge for players. Most of Minecraft's core features make their way into the game and the real world.

Should You Download and Install Minecraft Earth?

Nothing is more unique than seeing Minecraft built straight into reality. This particular AR experience is quite enjoyable. Unlike other AR games, players can still play Minecraft Earth from the comfort of home. The game does drain a device's battery quite fast, but that's to be expected from all AR titles. Minecraft Earth offers hours of endless fun for dedicated players of the game.