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Amino is a social media app that is dedicated to communities. This app has communities for popular topics like games, shows and music that you can join. You can also join other people as they watch videos or play games. There are also messaging features so that you can chat with your friends.

Main Features

Amino is a community-based social media network that allows you to find likeminded friends. These communities are built around popular topics like anime, movies, games, music and more. You will also find deeper communities such as those for specific genres, bands or shows. This allows you to find others who like the same things that you do.

Unlike other social networks that emphasize your account, this app emphasizes finding others and talking with them. This ensures that you quickly find friends and that you can share with them.


Another unique feature with Amino is that it allows you to do activities together. For example, you can join dozens or hundreds of people as you all watch the same movie or play a game. This allows you to chat with them, laugh together and enjoy the activity as a group. You can even create your own activity and invites others to join in.

Chat Features

Amino comes with a chat feature that allows you to connect with others. The chat is built to be highly expressive. You can use stickers, add emojis, upload short videos or images and more. This ensures that you can share your thoughts with your friends.


  • Community-based social media app ensures you find likeminded people.
  • There are group activities that you can join.
  • The chat feature is highly expressive with stickers and emojis.


  • Not quite as individualized as other social media apps.