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NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a gaming application that allows you to play your favorite PC games no matter where you're at.

Users interested in NVIDIA GeForce NOW must visit the official website to create an account first and sign-up for a payment plan. From there, users can install PC games using a virtual desktop computer that connects to popular gaming services like Steam, Origin,, and the Epic Games Store. The NVIDIA GeForce NOW application available for Android devices makes it so you then can plug in a compatible controller or use your touch screen to play those games over a mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection.

Overall, NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a great solution when you want to play PC games on the go whether you own a gaming computer or you simply plan on getting one in the future. The only significant downside to NVIDIA GeForce NOW is that the application requires you to use a lot of data, restricting those that might not have an unlimited data plan from their mobile carrier.