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Rocket Royale blends survival and crafting gameplay with PvP rocket combat for a unique gaming experience.

The first step in each round is to gather resources from the environment. You can destroy or harvest anything around you, but resources are kept deliberately scarce to encourage competition between players. You can use wood to build a fort, giving you extra defensive abilities, or jump straight into gathering metal to create an epic rocket.

Once players begin to explore the island, you’ll have to defend your growing rocket as well as your resources. Of course, you can skip the exploration and resource gathering phase and simply try to steal your competitor’s rocket.

You don’t have to adventure on your own. Join a party with a friend or two and become an unstoppable force. While the game doesn’t have built-in voice chat in order to keep its download size small, you can use a voice app or phone call to strategize with your team.

As you level, you’ll unlock new content, like extra characters and avatars or new rocket designs. Even if you lose a round, you’ll earn some XP and get one step closer to the next unlock. New maps and features are added on a regular basis, so you have plenty of game content to explore.

Up to 25 players can join each round, and you’ll spawn in a unique location every time. You never know if you’ll have five minutes of uninterrupted building time or start the game in a massive brawl over a nearby resource node.

Rocket Royale contains mild cartoon violence and is rated T for Teens.