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Pixel 3D Gun is a pixel-style, 3D, first-person shooter. The game allows you to play against others in a unique style of shooter. Most shooters try to get the most realistic, immersive graphics possible. Pixel 3D gun takes a different route, opting to design its game in a pixel style usually reserved for other types of games. However, this works well. It is unique and fun.

The game boasts that it contains a variety of content, and that it does, containing more than 800 weapons and dozens of other utilities. There are also a variety of modes you can play - more than ten right now - with more being added all the time. Indeed, the consistent attention that this game receives from the developers is one of the better points of the game, as you know the time you invest in the game will be rewarded by regular new content. This includes not only regular player versus player shooters but mini-games as well.

You can form a team with your friends or play against strangers. You can also form your own clans and challenge others.

The game is popular, earning an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars after having been rated by more than 5.6 million people. Furthermore, the game has been installed over 100,000,000 times and consistently has ample players playing to allow you to get a game going quickly. 


  • Is a unique take on first-person shooters that allows for a new way to have fun with this format.
  • Contains a huge amount of content - particularly for a free game.
  • Free to play!


  • Contains in-game ads and purchases that can detract from the overall experience.