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Snapchat is a messenger app that prioritizes sending photos and videos to your friends. You can talk one-on-one or you can video chat with multiple people simultaneously. There are many emojis and filters made specifically for this app that will make the chat feel more personalized.

Main Features

At its core, Snapchat is a messenger app that allows you to talk with other people. While you can type messages, Snapchat heavily prioritizes photos and videos. You can immediately open your camera through Snapchat and take images or just record what you're doing. Keep in mind that any recipient can save the images and videos that you send.

Chatting with people is incredibly easy. You can connect this to your existing contacts list and message people that you already know. You can also add new people to the app and chat to them.

Group Chat

Like many other messenger apps, Snapchat allows you to group chat with multiple people. Not only that, but you can livestream during the group chat. Snapchat currently allows up to 16 people per room. This makes it very easy to talk to all your friends. You can also send photos and videos as well without any restrictions.

Filters and Emojis

You can also add filters and emojis to the chat to make it even better. Filters are used on your photos and videos. This gives them different colors or special effects. Snapchat has emojis that you won't find anywhere else, which really enhances the chat.


  • Easily send photos and videos to your friends.
  • The app is simple to use and allows for group chats.
  • There are unique filters and emojis to choose from.


  • Other people can download any videos or images that you upload.