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Tubi TV is a mobile video viewing application that streams television shows directly from Tubi's own servers. That means users are able to watch dozens of shows and movies without much in the way of video buffering or other performance-related issues. Since Tubi is constantly updating its content on a monthly basis, a majority of users should find that there's more than enough here to provide for even the most voracious viewing addiction.

Finding new things to watch is as easy as looking through a few screens of categorical listings. In many cases, a single title will appear underneath multiple categories, which makes it even easier to find something that you haven't seen before.

Once viewers start to watch a show or movie, they'll be able to pause and rewind it as many times as they want to. Users are also free to pick up later on from where they left off. Tubi TV keeps a list of the most recently viewed programs, which makes it easier to watch a single title over several different sessions.

Those who want to find a specific title shouldn't even have any difficulty using the app's convenient built-in search function to look for names or actors.