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WhatsApp Messenger is an app that allows you to send messages to friends through the Internet. This looks exactly like texting, but the difference is that the messages are sent through the Internet and are encrypted. You can use this with nearly any Internet connection and it stores your messages offline as well.

Main Features

WhatsApp is similar to regular texting, but there is one important distinction. Conventional text messages are sent through your cellular provider. Some providers limit how many messages you can send per month while others don't have the best security for messages. WhatsApp uses your Internet connection for sending the messages. This looks nearly identical, but it gives you much better protection.

These messages are encrypted so that no one can read them except the intended recipient. Not only that, but this method is usually faster than sending through conventional cellular networks.

Simple Interface

If you have sent a text message before, then you can easily use WhatsApp. This is nearly identical to texting. You simply insert the recipient's phone number or select them from your contacts list. This app integrates with your existing contacts list, or you can create a separate one just for this app. You'll be able to send your first message in seconds.

Connections and Offline Mode

You can use nearly any Internet connection with WhatsApp. This includes 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and more. If you can access the Internet, even if it's slow, then you can send messages through WhatsApp.

There's also an offline mode. This ensures that you automatically download messages as soon as you have a connection again.


  • Simple app that anyone can use.
  • Sends messages through an Internet connection.
  • Messages are encrypted.


  • Lacks animated stickers found with other messengers.