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Collect adorable dragons and build your fantasy city in this hybrid simulation and collection game. You can breed your favorite dragons to unlock new types or earn limited-edition dragons during in-game events.

The developers add new dragons every week, so you'll always have something new to add to your collection. You can also find seasonal clothing, city decorations and farm products that keep gameplay fresh.

You can enjoy social play with real-life or online friends by joining an Alliance. This lets you tackle more advanced events, trade resources and fight other Alliances together.

If you prefer player-versus-player content, don't worry. You can level up your dragons by collecting orbs and growing the best food on your dragon farms. Once you're ready to compete, you'll earn new dragons and loot by climbing the leaderboards.

While Dragon City is a freemium game, you don't have to spend any real-life money to enjoy the game. Your dragons may take a little longer to hatch and grow, but that just means each one will be more precious.

So far, you can collect over 1,000 different dragons, and that number is only growing. Dragon City offers plenty of free content for both PvE and PvP lovers. You'll find endless hours of entertainment with this mobile and PC game.