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Turbo VPN is a free VPN that allows you to browse websites without being tracked. VPNs encrypt your browsing so that government agencies, hackers and advertising companies cannot harvest your data. Turbo VPN has many global servers and they are fast enough for watching movies and playing games. This works with both cellular and WiFi connections.

Main Features

Turbo VPN is a free VPN that keeps you safe. A normal Internet connection is considered unsafe because it's fairly easy for hackers to steal your data or agencies to spy on your activity. This is most commonly done through cookies, or small files that are downloaded when you visit a website.

A VPN bounces your signal offer other servers and blocks hackers and agencies from tracking you. This means that you can browse in peace. Not only that, but your browsing will automatically stop if the VPN is interrupted. This prevents any data from being leaked if there is a problem with the VPN connection.

Good Speed

One problem with VPNs is that they can be slow. This is because your signal is bounced off many different servers. As such, it takes longer for your connection to reach whatever website you want to browse. Turbo VPN is fairly quick and can even respond to your needs.

For example, there are servers specifically for games and watching videos. These servers are faster than the other ones.

WiFi and Cellular Connections

Turbo VPN works well with both WiFi and cellular connections. While WiFi is preferred so that you don't use up your data plan, you can easily connect use 3G, 4G or other cellular connections with the VPN.


  • Encrypts your browsing and keeps you safe.
  • Has many different servers and good speeds.
  • Works with both WiFi and cellular connections.


  • VPN browsing is almost always slower than regular browsing, but Turbo VPN nearly matches regular browsing speeds.