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ZEPETO is a virtual reality game where players customize their avatars. Millions of items in the game enable unlimited customizations. From there, players visit maps and locations to hang out and chat in. ZEPETO plays like a social media platform baked into a virtual reality game. More than one million people play the game, so it's quite popular. A variety of social features keep things interesting for regular players.

A Review of ZEPETO

On initial startup, ZEPETO allows players to create and customize an avatar. A limited number of clothing and accessories are available to new players. More items must be unlocked through regular gameplay or purchased with in-app currency. Not every player will enjoy the in-game purchases or in-app advertisements. After creating an avatar, players can meet up with their friends in various game locations.

The Final Verdict On ZEPETO

Friends can take photos together or simply chat and hang out. ZEPETO offers a somewhat unique experience in mobile gaming. For that reason, it's worth checking out for players that enjoy a more casual experience. Players can create groups within the game and coordinate hangouts. ZEPETO is a casual gaming experience, but unlimited customization options and social features make the game worth checking out.