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Mozilla Firefox is a mobile conversion of the popular desktop browser. It includes most of the features that the desktop version does, though it's completely redesigned to offer uses the kind of native app experience they expect from software on their phone or tablet. As a result, all of the app's settings are neatly tucked away in a single flyout menu.

Unlike most mobile browsers, Firefox comes with its own built-in rendering engine that's different from the one that comes with a majority of phones or tablets. As a result, sites that may not render properly in other browsers may do so in Firefox.

Almost all of the features people have come to expect from any browser are built into Firefox. It can deal with most types of files located on the web without needing to load a helper application.

This is true of even many newer formats, like WebP. Perhaps most importantly, Firefox gives users complete control over their privacy.

A single visit to the app's properties sheet is all it takes to turn off data collection and shut down all forms of telemetry. Firefox supports the AES encryption standard and ensures that all data that passes through it is at least resistant to memory leaks.