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Photo Gallery allows users to organize and manage their photos with ease. In seconds, users can navigate through their entire library of photos. The app provides tools to organize and edit photos like most photo gallery solutions. This particular solution supports the most popular image file types. Therefore, regular users don't have to worry about capturing photos in specific file types and compatibility.

Better Control Of Images Stored On A Smartphone

After launching the app, users should make Photo Gallery their default gallery. Doing so ensures excellent performance and properly stored photos. It's possible to list all photos on a smartphone in a master list. Also, the app allows users to work with predetermined categories or customize their own categories. Photo Gallery makes it quite easy to navigate through large photo libraries, even on a smartphone.

An Excellent App Held Back By A Lackluster Design

Individual photos come with editing options like cropping and rotating, among others. In the end, Photo Gallery makes image management a pleasurable task. The app doesn't feature the most modern or attractive design, though. Certain editing features like advanced filters are missing altogether here. For that reason, Photo Gallery might not suit every user's needs on Android smartphones, especially compared to Google Photos.