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Wansview provides access to IP cameras over the cloud. Users manually configure each camera to connect to the app. In this case, most IP cameras are theoretically compatible with Wansview out of the box. The app provides basic control over the IP camera to record video and audio or capture images. More and more consumers continue to use IP cameras for security purposes today. Is Wansview worth downloading and using?

A Review of Wansview

Users see a basic configuration menu after launching the app. They'll need the IP address of their camera and other pertinent information. Setup within the app doesn't come with a guide, which can be frustrating for users. Connected cameras tend to work well enough for capturing content once connected. However, many users complain of the connection being lost and having to reconnect the app and cameras often.

The Verdict On Wansview

In the end, Wansview is free to use and works for most cameras. A few frustrating elements like camera connection issues and lack of intuitive design hurt the app. Most users will prefer to use a more professional solution with added features. For that reason, it's difficult to recommend Wansview over more popular IP camera solutions.